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GoAdvantage Choice

The GoAdvantage Choice program allows you to enjoy a variety of discount benefits and choose your own accessories that will make sure you stay powered, connected and protected at an affordable price.

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GoAdvantage Choice includes the following benefits:

.  $20 phone imageHandset Setup

. $50 Handset Upgrade Credit

. $50 Handset Buy Back Credit

. $25 Additional Line Upgrade Credit

. 20% Off Accessories

PLUS $50 in accessories of your choice today!

More than $200 in VALUE for only

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Ready 2 Go! Handset Setup

GoAdvantage Choice members receive this $20 value that includes a SIM card(if needed), data transfer, antivirus software, device optimization, email and voice mail set up.

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$50 Handset Upgrade Credit

When your device is eligible for an upgrade,
GoAdvantage Choice members may use the $50 handset upgrade credit toward the purchase of their selected upgrade handset.

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$50 Handset Buy Back Credit

The $50 handset buy back allows members to trade in their old handset for up to $50 credit when a new handset is purchased whether it's for an upgrade or new activation. The buy back handset must be in good working order (device powers on, includes battery and backing, no liquid damage and screen is free of major impairment).

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$25 Additional Add a Line Credit

Also included is the $25 add a line credit. This can be used to add an additional line to your account, or upgrade a family member's line in the future.

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20% Off Accessories

The 20% discount can be used as often as you like on accessory purchases at any GoWireless/GoMobl location. Use your 20% discount to buy some cool accessories for your new device or on any other accessories sold in our stores.

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$50 in accessories of your CHOICE today!

The $50 in accessories gives you a CHOICE to purchase the accessories you want. This is a great benefit that you can use to get the accessories you need or buy a gift for your family or friends. Go shopping for accessories of your CHOICE!.

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Purchase GoAdvantage Choice

GoAdvantage Choice can be purchased at any of our 300+ locations*.
Use our store locator to find the store nearest you.

*GoAdvantage Choice is currently not available for purchase online. It will be available soon to purchase on our site.
*The $50 upgrade credit and the $25 additional add a line credit cannot be used in conjunction with one another. The $50 accessory credit must be used on the day of purchase only. The entire $50 accessory credit must be used to purchase accessories only or the customer forfeits any remaining balance.