Bing Food & Drink: Windows Phone App for the Foodie

When Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 update it brought with it a number of notable apps. One of those apps was Bing Food & Drink. The app was released with the idea of making it easy to find new recipes, choose wine and cocktail drinks and learn how to make your next masterpiece meal. Along with food and drink recipes the app has articles about food, recommendations on your next perfect meal and high quality images. Now Microsoft has released the Bing Food & Drink app for Windows Phone 8. Continue reading


Domination of Mobile and Social Networking

While PCs continue to be a strong presence in our everyday lives it is smartphones have changed the way we communicate with each other. In a recently published GlobalWebIndex found that when it came to how we use social networks changed during the course of 2013. During this past year the use of mobile devices actually became the #1 way people used different social networking services with tablets and PCs tying for second place at 64%. How does this growth in mobile devices affect the way we communicate with others? Find out with the charts after the jump. Continue reading


What will the Samsung Galaxy S5 Look Like?

Image of what the Galaxy S5 may do. via galaxys5info

With rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S5 coming out sometime before May persisting The Verge recently published a report that showed us screenshots of what the user interface. In the reported screenshots it shows that Samsung will be further tapping into Google Now with their new android phone. The screenshots also showed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would feature various social media icons, live flight info, sports scores, weather updates, payment receipts, concert information, upcoming appointments, delivery notifications, and health data. Continue reading