Meet the Verizon GizmoTab – The all-new Best Tablet for Kids


Meet the Verizon GizmoTab. It’s the all-new parent approved tablet from Verizon that’s made just for kids.

Though they do keep them wonderfully entertained, you’re usually trying with all your might to keep your kids away from your tablet. Tablets are breakable and expensive. One drop and the screen could be toast. Plus, who has storage space for all those kid games jamming up your hard drive?

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The Best Money Saving Apps for the Holidays

the best money saving apps for the holidays

It’s the holidays and joy is in the air.

It’s time for getting together with the people we love. Giving gifts and sharing great memories. Gifting is a great way to show how much we care about each other. Who doesn’t love giving the perfect gift? Sometimes, though the budget can limit how much there is to spend. To make your budget go farther, you may be wondering what the best money saving apps are? Well, the answer is not just one, but three. Continue reading