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Google Pixel 3 Night Sight a feature that turns blurry late-night photos into Instagram gold

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones take amazing photographs, but a feature coming soon will radically improve low-light pictures via artificial intelligence. It’s called Night Sight, and it uses A.I. and the Pixel’s HDR+ processing to dramatically boost colors and brightness for photos captured in super-dark environments.

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Top 5 Key settings you need to change on your brand-new iPhone.

Get the most out of your new iPhone. Here are some top GoWireless key settings you should do.

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Queen Essentials, Apple Music

Pop Quiz: What is the lead singers last name from this band, Queen? Freddie _______.
Listen now to official Queen music Essentials. Share this post if you know anyone that likes to listen to Queen.

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