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3 Ways to Keep Track of Your Little Ones This Halloween


As a parent, our top concern is our children’s safety.

Here at GoWireless, we understand. We’ve been there ourselves. Keeping a closer tab on our children is a very important topic. More peace of mind in ensuring they are safe is one thing we’d all welcome, especially this time of year.

Fortunately keeping a close eye on your family’s location has been greatly improved with the aide of mobile technology. To work, your kids will need some type of smart device. Whether that’s a smartphone or device designed for GPS tracking that depends on your needs as a family.

Here are 3 different ways to use your smartphone to know where your kids are.


GPS Tracking apps

Verizon Safeguard and Life 360 are apps designed for knowing where your kids are. They are both great apps if your kids are already mobile phone users. The apps track their GPS location and give you a constant read of where they are.

Verizon Safeguard is about $10 a month and adds tracking to every phone in your family. It is setup through your Verizon account and you can check a family member’s location from a PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

Life 360 offers similar features and has a very professional look and feel. Both apps offer similar functions for locating your family members and children.


Social Media Monitoring and GPS Apps

Teen Safe and Mama Bear are apps designed for monitoring more than just your children’s physical location.

Both apps allow you to monitor social media and communications going through your teens’ phone, as well as their location. You can block certain users or apps, look at all incoming and outgoing messages, and monitor their social media channels. These apps are designed for more comprehensive monitoring and connecting rather than just knowing where they are.


LG GizmoPal Smart Watch

LG Gizmopal Pink

This third option may be best for children who are not old enough to be lugging around a smartphone yet.

It’s the LG Gizmopal smart watch. It’s a phone that looks like a watch and allows you to keep a close eye on your children’s location. You can use your smartphone to know exactly where they are and even make calls to them. On the Gizmopal, answering the call is easy. Just hit the one button on the device. The device is specifically designed for children and is also water resistant.

If you need a solution to monitor your kids but don’t want to get them their own phone yet the LG Gizmopal is your best bet.


There you have it, three ways to help keep an eye on your children using your smartphone. Breathe a little easier and enjoy the peace of mind knowing where your kids are as they venture out on their own.

If you want to learn more about the LG Gizmopal, then head into our nearest store. Our mobile consultants can go over all the details and get you going in no time. Here’s our locations.