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9 Cool Smartphone-Controlled Toys You Would Love!

smartphone-controlled-toys-gowireless-2019What’s the worst thing about growing up? Some would say bills and financial responsibilities. More than a few would mention work or looking in the mirror to see those first grey hairs. For some of us, though, the real injustice of adulthood is looking at all the cool toys available to today’s kids. Adults who claim they wouldn’t have loved smartphone-controlled toys as kids should be viewed with deep suspicion. Come on, we’re talking remote-controlled cars with cameras here–not to mention robots, planes, and spy tanks.

Why should kids have all the fun? We live in a world where adults can geek out over superheroes and Funko Pops, so why shouldn’t we get to play with app-controlled toys? Below are nine toys that are as much fun for adults as kids. Don’t let age get in your way of playing with tech toys– they’re way too much fun!

Take to the Skies with App-Controlled Toys

If you dreamed of taking to the skies as a kid, have we got the smartphone-controlled toys for you. These app-controlled toys will have you heading for the wide blue yonder.

The Powerup 3.0 Paper Airplane is for anyone who ever folded a paper plane. With a tiny smart sensor at the front and a rudder and propeller at the back, the Powerup 3.0 turns paper planes into app-controlled aircraft.

Want something a little more advanced? $289.00 will get you the Toby Rich Smartphone Pro, a sturdy app-controlled plane capable of looping, speed boosts, hover mode, and more. You get about 12 minutes of flight on a fully charged battery, while a 330-foot range provides plenty of flight space.

If planes aren’t;t your thing, try the Bionic Bird for about $70.00. This pretty little avian flies like a real bird, and has a 350 feet range. You get 8 minutes of flight from a fully-charged battery, and it only takes 12 minutes to recharge the bird for its next flight.

Toy Robots with Remote Controls

A clunky toy robot with remote controls is yesterday’s toy. Today, you can control your own semi-autonomous droid from your phone. Here are three of the best robot toys on the market.

At $49.99, the Sphero Mini Robot is too tempting to pass up. This personal little robot is about the size of a ping-pong ball and provides up to an hour of playtime when fully charged. You can use your smartphone to control Sphero’s movements, play games, and even learn a little about Javascript programming with the Sphero Edu app.

Ollie is the Sphero Mini Robot’s wilder cousin. A cylindrical box with built-in LEDs, Ollie can reach speeds of 14 miles an hour and perform high-speed stunts. The rugged little bot retails for $40 and connects to your iOS or Android device through Bluetooth.

Looking for a toy robot with remote control and educational features? The Dash Robot is intended for younger users (we say intended–adults find the cartoonish little bot irresistible as well). A drag and drop interface on their smartphones teaches kids how logic works in programming, and Dash can dance, light up, make sounds, and react to voice commands. Dash retails for about $149.99.

Cars, Tanks, and Bat-mobiles

Anyone who played with Hot Wheels will love the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit, where up to four tiny cars go head to head on a customizable track. Sensors in the cars reach to the track, providing power-ups and weapons for some real-life Mario GoKart.

Who wants a remote-controlled car with a camera when you can have a spy tank? The
Wireless Spy Tank has a range of 100 to 200 feet depending on whether there are walls between your phone and the tank. The tank includes a camera for streaming video, speakers, and night vision mode.

Smartphone controlled toys are cool. LEGO is cool. And Batman? Batman is whatever’s cooler than cool. Put them all together and you have the 321-piece LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile. Sure, you could give this toy to your little cousin, but c’mon, we’re talking LEGO Batman here. Don’t you deserve to be LEGO Batman?

Thought you did.