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Angry Birds: Star Wars Review

The largest mobile game just got a new sequel, and it changes the game once again. In the first game and the “Season’s” sequels, the mechanics were simple. All you had to do to score was fling the birds towards the pig fortress and knock it down. When Angry Birds Space came out, it changed the whole dynamic by adding different levels of gravity that you had to combat with. By taking it to the stars, Rovio was able to redefine what appears to be a simple formula. Taking a cue from the critical success of “Space”, the developers have taken that concept to the next level. Now, when you hear “Angry Birds Star Wars” it can be instantly unsettling. From a Star Wars fan’s perspective it becomes tiring to see all the remakes and parody’s and from an Angry Birds fan perspective it can be frightening to see the franchise take such a risk with a licensed franchise. I have great news for both of you though. Rovio has pulled off a fantastic experience that will make both Star Wars and Angry Bird fans rejoice. If you are a first time Angry Birds player, do yourself a favor and start at the beginning. The Star Wars variant adds a lot of new mechanics that add depth to game play, but for a first timer it may be more than you are willing to handle.

There are new birds in this iteration of Angry Birds and the way they manipulate the environment, goes a long way in making the game more enjoyable. For instance, the Obi-Wan Bird has the ability to use the “Force” to manipulate the gravity around certain objects. For Angry Birds Space players, it is a concept that you will instantly love! The piggies are not without their own advantages. The Darth Vader-pig holds objects in the air using the force. Your objective should be to first take out Vader which in turn will drop the objects he holds up into the level below. Other surprises await, but we won’t spoil that for you.

All in all this is a solid new addition to the Angry Birds, and Star Wars universe. Rovio has proved that it can take a licensed product and turn it into a viable gaming experience. If you are a diehard fan of Angry Birds, this is definitely a day one purchase. If you stopped playing after the first game wore out its welcome, then Angry Birds Star Wars may just renew your faith in the solid Angry Birds franchise. To download the game on Android click here. If you are on iPhone or other iOS devices you can find it here. For Windows Phone 8 users click here.


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