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GoWireless independently operates this site and is a Verizon Authorized Retailer Review: Do Everything as Planned

Platforms: Android, iOS,

Price: Free

With you can view your tasks and goals by category or by date. Dates can be specifically broken down to the minute or something more general such as “tomorrow” or “someday.” This task-manager app is all wrapped in a visually appealing design.

What sets apart from other task-management apps is its signature feature called moment. This feature is a setting that you set-up which will remind you to review your upcoming tasks. When this scheduled time happens the app will begin by telling you it’s time to review your tasks. It will then show you the tasks that are in your schedule for that day. The idea behind this feature is to train you to have the habit of reviewing your tasks list on a daily basis.

A benefit for iOS users is that can be synced up with the Cal app so you can automatically see your tasks within your calendar. This feature is not available for Android users since Cal is not currently available to be downloaded on Google Play.

One minor problem that I came across was that if you added or changed a reminder within a task it would not show you the name of that task in the time and date page. This may cause a problem for long to-do lists as it could be easy to forget the name of the task if it does not show up.


+Categorizing tasks to the minute or specific

+Visually appealing moment feature


-Added or changed tasks to a reminder don’t show up in app pop up.

-Cal sync not available on Android.

Overall Impressions

When it comes to downloading a Task-management app you want one that will support all the basic functions of your daily lives and does that for you. The app that hits all those primary concerns while giving users just a little bit more to explore.

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