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Are Phablets the new trend in mobile?

Remember when Zach Morris from Save by the Bell had an enormous phone and it was the cool thing?  Then, phones got smaller and eventually transformed into smartphones.

Phablets are smartphone-tablet hybrids featuring screens five inches or larger.  These devices are good for those that are heavy users of viewing web content and documents.

Per Bonnie Cha‘s article on All Things D, entitled “Phablets the New Hotness in Mobile Devices? Not So Fast.”, she pokes fun at the size of these new devices, but gives props that there is a marketplace demand.  In fact, Samsung sold 5 Million Galaxy Note II‘s worldwide in the first two months after it was released.

At the International CES show earlier this month, many new devices made waves such as the Mate, an Android Jelly Bean device with a 6.1 inch touchscreen.  Also noteworthy was the Grande S and Xperia Z.  The Grand S by ZTE is supposed to be the thinnest smartphone and will sport a 5-inch display.  Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia Z will also have a 5-inch display.

In closing, some Analysts are calling for 2013 to be the year of the Phablet.  What do you think?

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