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Backup Assistant Launching on iPhone

On 11/29/2012, Backup Assistant will officially launch on the iPhone through an upgrade to the App Store “VZ Contact Transfer” client.  VZ Contact Transfer has been upgraded to Backup Assistant for two major reasons:

  • The Backup Assistant name is well known by the reps and customers alike, and a common misconception is that Backup Assistant is not available on iPhone.

  • The new Backup Assistant App for iPhone has new enhancements, which makes its features comparable to the same app on Android and feature phones.

What is the impact to existing users of VZ Contact Transfer?
Existing VZ Contact Transfer users will see an upgrade notification from the App Store. Upon upgrading the app, the name will change from VZ Contact Transfer to Backup Assistant. The app will remain active and manual syncs will still be required to update cloud contacts.

What is the impact to customers new to Backup Assistant on iPhone?
Whether the customer had Backup Assistant on their old phone, or if they are new to Backup Assistant entirely, the process is the same. The only difference is to search for “Backup Assistant” instead of “VZ Contact Transfer” in the App Store when downloading the app.

Backup Assistant is the optimal method to transfer the contacts of VZW customers when they switch phones, and keep them protected in the future. The new Backup Assistant App on iPhone offers the following Key Features:

  • Free contact backup as part of Verizon Wireless service

  • A sleek new interface that works over Wi-Fi

  • Faster and more reliable syncs

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly sync reminders

  • Easily manage your contacts on the web

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