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The Best Money Saving Apps for the Holidays

the best money saving apps for the holidays

It’s the holidays and joy is in the air.

It’s time for getting together with the people we love. Giving gifts and sharing great memories. Gifting is a great way to show how much we care about each other. Who doesn’t love giving the perfect gift? Sometimes, though the budget can limit how much there is to spend. To make your budget go farther, you may be wondering what the best money saving apps are? Well, the answer is not just one, but three.

Yep, you got it. Streamline your approach with three great apps for saving money. That’s right, ditch the dozens of coupon apps and stick with these three simple tools. You’ll be saving and earning while you shop. Plus, you can feel good knowing you are doing more with your money.

Here are the three different approaches to saving money and earning more while you shop with your smartphone. The first is an instant coupon app helping you save when you are in the store ready to buy. The second shows you which card to use to save or earn the most. The third is for getting cash back after you’ve made all your purchases.

Bam, now you’re saving and earning all over the place. Extra stocking stuffers, here we come!!

Here they are the best money saving apps for the holidays.

the best money saving apps for the holidays


With the Shopami app, you will never miss another deal from your favorite brands. Shopami is a free mobile shopping app for all your email offers, deals, coupons and promo codes. Get notified of deals and discounts you have from your favorite brands and stores while you’re out shopping.

With the app you can get notifications on your phone based on the shopping emails you already receive. Plus, the app keeps track of what coupons are waiting in your inbox and notifies you when you get near that store. You can also organize which brands you want alerts from.

It also lets you know when a great deal is about to expire so you never miss out! The app is partnered with major brands like Lowes, Footlocker, Zales and more to alert you of their promotions and coupons. With Shopami, never pay full price again for your purchases.

the best money saving apps for the holidays wallaby


With the Wallaby app, you can optimize every purchase and ensure you are spending with the right card for the most savings and earnings. There’s a ton of cards offering earnings programs and knowing which to use for each purchase could take hours. Wallaby simplifies all this by doing the managing work for you. All you have to do is shop and save!

With the app, you can maximize your money by earning rewards and you can also avoid interest & fees. The app helps you stay on top of everyday spending. To do this, the app shows you which card to use for different purchases. It’s totally secure as you don’t add your personal information to the app, except for indicating which credit cards you use. Happy earning!!

the best money saving apps for the holidays ibotta


With the Ibotta app, you can get paid after you shop by earning rebates easily through the app! That’s right Ibotta (“I-bought-a”) lets you scan your receipts and barcodes of recent purchases and gives you cashback for rebates. The app manages everything and makes it easy to keep track of and complete a rebate.

First, you browse and unlock rebates within the app, then you go make the purchase. After you’re done shopping take a picture of the receipt or product barcode and the app applies the cash to your Ibotta account within 48 hours. When you hit $20 in your account you can get a deposit to Paypal or a gift card of your choice. Boom! Savings earned for shopping!

There you have it, a few of the Best Money Saving Apps for the Holidays.

Now get saving! Buy more, give more, and enjoy the holidays more! With these efficient ways to save and shop using your smartphone, you’ll be winning the season! Tackling your holiday shopping list will be no sweat with these three great apps for couponing.

Need some more help or advice on the best apps to use? Check out our recommended apps page and find the perfect app for whatever you are doing.

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