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Bill Clinton and the future of Bendable Phone Screens

During the Consumer Electronics Show last January, Samsung claimed its place as the new master of stagecraft, deploying prototypes of bendable screens for mobile devices.

Samsung made a presentation about its components for clients like Google, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. Samsung Device Solutions President Stephen Woo discussed the company’s new Exynos 5 Octa chip for tablets and high-end smartphones, their new, greener memory devices and their latest innovation – the foldable screen. The idea is to enable Samsung’s partners to create a new ecosystem of devices with “bended, folded and roll able screens,” said Brian Berkeley, senior VP for Samsung’s display lab. He demonstrated bending the thin piece of plastic “Youm”, and how it might work in a tablet by forming a curved edge.

A surprise appearance was given by Former U.S. President Bill Clinton where he wrapped up the company’s keynote presentation with comments about technology and a lot about political issues like the environment and gun control. Some of Clinton’s comments were sure lead to questions about whether CES is the right place for a largely political speech.

“The only remaining bigotry we have is we just don’t want to be around people who disagree with us,” Clinton said.

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