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The Upgrade Checklist

We’ve all been there. The newest iPhone or Android is coming out. You love all the new features. You want the new phone. You need the new phone. But are you eligible for an upgrade? Let’s say you are eligible – how can you get the most value for your current phone? You don’t want to just leave it sitting in a drawer. Continue reading


Top Live Streaming Apps


If you’ve never tried it, live video streaming is very powerful for staying connected with friends and family. Whether you are away on a business trip or just trying to connect from across the country, live video adds an incredible layer of connection that you just don’t get with a phone call or from texting. You can also use live streaming apps for all kinds of fun ideas, like sharing what your family is doing on vacation with Grandma though she isn’t there. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading


Meet the Verizon GizmoTab – The all-new Best Tablet for Kids


Meet the Verizon GizmoTab. It’s the all-new parent approved tablet from Verizon that’s made just for kids.

Though they do keep them wonderfully entertained, you’re usually trying with all your might to keep your kids away from your tablet. Tablets are breakable and expensive. One drop and the screen could be toast. Plus, who has storage space for all those kid games jamming up your hard drive?

Continue reading


Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween Safety Tips VerizonIt’s that time of the year when kids swarm the streets and shopping centers on the hunt for sweet swag. Safety is a paramount concern when sending your kids to delve into the masses for candy, especially when they’re alone. With these Halloween safety tips and thanks to LG, you can have peace of mind with their little gadget designed for kids while they’re out and about.

Say hello to the Gizmopal 2.  it offers functionalities to keep your kids remotely in check. The GizmoPal 2 provides essential features such as two-way calling. A quick push of a button and your child can let you know if they’re ready to be picked up. It also has GPS tracking. While your kids are out probing for confections this Halloween, you can program set boundaries so you can receive notifications if they leave the region of your preferred safety zone.

Gift your child a sweet treat before Halloween and check out the LG GizmoPal 2 today to help you and your kids enjoy trick or treating solo.

And here’s just a few Halloween safety tips for the kids before they meander off on trick or treating for the night:

Basic street safety

Look left, right, and left again.

Use traffic signals and crosswalks.

Eyes off electronic devices and eyes on the road


Creative and safe costumes

Wear bright costumes or use reflective tape or stickers with dark costumes.

Carry glowsticks or flashlights.

Don’t wear masks that obstruct vision.

Wear flame-resistant costumes.



Go in groups

Accompany children under 12.



Walk through well-lit streets.

Avoid dark houses.

DO NOT enter homes.

Only accept factory-wrapped treats, never anything homemade from strangers.


Happy Halloween from GoWireless


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