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several kids looking a phones by fence

Best Phones for Kids in 2022

December 20, 2021 Choosing a cell phone for your kid is a complex decision. You want a phone that allows kids to contact you in an emergency, that allows you…

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How to Monitor Screen Time For You & Your Family

October 8, 2020 While families tend to focus on how to reduce screen time for their kids, adults can also be guilty of overusing mobile devices. Most of us have…

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Back To School Online Learning Resources For Students

Virtual learning has exploded over the last few years, with abundant online learning resources available to help your kids increase their knowledge and improve their skills. From exciting YouTube videos…

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Best Phone and Device Plans for Seniors

While seniors are still more likely to own landlines than younger generations, cell phone use is increasing among the silver-haired set. A cell phone for seniors makes plenty of sense,…

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Family on Sofa using tablets and laptop

How To Choose a Cell Phone For My Kid

Choosing smartphones for kids requires some thought. You want a phone that meets the child’s needs without providing her with access to features that could get her into online trouble…

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Happy father taking selfie with daughter

Father’s Day Tech Guide

Every year at the beginning of June, thousands ask the same question: What to get Dad for Father’s Day? Traditional Dad’s Day gifts are fine and all, but does he…

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