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Best Ways To Clean and Disinfect Your Phone

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, entire nations are practicing social distancing and self-quarantining. At present, the best protection against the virus is frequent hand-washing, especially after coming into contact with…

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Top Educational Tablet Apps for Kids

Kids love tablets and smartphones, especially when they’re bored. And while we don’t advocate using a tablet as a constant distraction for kids, we’re more than willing to admit a…

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Tips For Keeping Your Phone From Breaking

Your phone is worth much more than its retail cost. Its value has to be measured by what’s inside it: contacts, appointments, music, videos, and pictures. Phones may contain important…

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unplugging your smartphone

Using Your Smartphone to Unplug

Modern smartphones feature more apps and features than ever to help you accomplish daily tasks, stay organized, connect with friends and family, and just have fun while riding the subway….

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Why Upgrade? An iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Comparison

  We’ve all been there…your cell phone is a year old, but a brand new version has just been released. There’s an epic keynote introducing all the shiny new features,…

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How to Record Calls on Android

Sometimes recording a call is necessary whether it’s for work or a personal reason. You may have found yourself needing a way to record your phone calls. This is a…

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Holiday Smartphone Tips Prepare Like a Pro

Here are the best Holiday smartphone tips for preparing for the holidays with your smartphone. Get ready to impress the guests and entertain like a pro without breaking a sweat….

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Holiday Smartphone Shopping Security

  The holidays are just around the corner and holiday shopping is already in full swing. Masses are already scrounging online and offline for the perfect stocking stuffers, not to…

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Smartphone Security: The Ultimate Guide

Smartphone security in this digital age is crucial. We’re all aware of how to keep ourselves safe on desktop and laptop computers but not as many of us bridge the…

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Stop Thieves In Their Tracks – 5 Tips For Smartphone Security

Protect your data! We can’t say it enough. We hear all the horror stories of how lost phones get hacked and private information stolen. Or someone’s private information was broken…

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