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CES 2014 Aftermath: Everything is Connected

As we enter the second full week of 2014 we’ve already had the first big convention of year come and go in the Consumer Electronic Show. Having attended 3 previous CES in the past I already knew what kind of spectacle to expect from the event. What I didn’t expect was how excited I would be by the end of last Friday.

While I could easily choose the best TV’s, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, etc. it wasn’t one device that made CES 2014 an exciting show to attend. No, what made CES 2014 different from last year’s show was every piece of technology as a collective. CES 2014 was a show where it felt like the technology that was previously shown in development was ready to debut.

What was most exciting about the show was seeing all of the smart devices that were shown off. Through the countless smart devices, especially all the smartwatches that join Pebble and the Samsung Galaxy Gear, that were shown it made things even more clear that we can connect our lives through various connected devices. From our household appliances to our bicycles, everything can be possibly connected through our smartphone.

And I am not the only one that noticed this connected lifestyle that was being shown off at CES 2014. Of what he saw at CES 2014 buyer Dan Torres said “For me, CES seemed to focus on the technology generation and the family unit.  They’re providing even more avenues to make life easier and fun.”  This connected lifestyle wasn’t something that was shown to be kept at home. Dan continued on to say “They really seem geared towards the active, on the go lifestyle and providing new ways to keep us on the path of a healthier lifestyle”

Fellow buyer Sandra Shimizu shared a similar opinion after CES 2014 “Consumer awareness of the smart accessories will be the biggest change.  As you see the “other” carrier commercial to check his house and is able to turn off the water faucet, lights and other things the kids had left on before the left.  Customers will know that these items are available and will start to want/need these items to help them on a daily basis.”

With so many connected devices that could possibly be controlled by our mobile devices what new tech are you most looking forward too? Let us know by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.