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Disk Usage – An App to monitor Device Internal Memory Storage

DiskUsage is a very useful app to have with any smartphone because it helps identify why your phone memory might be getting clogged up. It provides an easy way to find files and directories on a storage card which consumes a lot of space.  DiskUsage gives a nice visual representation of the files that are located on your SD card as well as your device’s internal memory storage by displaying a diagram with directories and sub directories proportionally and sorted to their size.  You can easily identify what is taking up most space on your SD Card, how much space is left, and if there are any files that you might want to delete.

All in all, this 4.5 Star App developed by Ivan Volosyuk is a FREE solution to navigate through files and directories on a storage card that already consumes a lot of space.  With nearly a million downloads, this app is compatible with most new Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphones.


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