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Everything You Need To Know About iOS9’s Wi-Fi Assist

Everything you need to know about iOS9 Wifi Assist


Any iPhone users who just upgraded to the new iPhone or iOS9 and have a regular 2-4 GB data plan may be wondering if all this talk about Wi-Fi assist making your data skyrocket is true or not???

Unless you have an unlimited data plan, data usage is typically a big deal. Either way here’s everything you need to know about iOS9’s Wi-fi Assist.

The first thing to be aware of is that this feature exists. If you weren’t even aware of it or that you can to turn it on or off you could be facing data overage fees that could seriously interrupt your other plans for say buying that new Fender Stratocaster… or that trip to Disneyland…


Okay let’s discuss data in just a minute first let’s answer, what is Wi-Fi Assist?

Wi-Fi Assist is a service that kicks in when you are on a Wi-Fi connection using the internet and the Wi-Fi signal begins to deteriorate. The service enables your LTE coverage to kick in ensuring your internet usage does not get interrupted. It’s actually a very useful service that can greatly improve your internet signal and mobile experience.


Better internet that sounds great. What’s the catch?

The catch is if you’re not careful or watching your data usage the new feature could push you over your limit and cost you extra on your monthly bill.


So is Wifi Assist eating up all my data?

Well that depends. For some users the feature will be in use more and will use more data. For some it won’t kick in much and therefore won’t take up very much data.

Having it on all the time could mean you’re using your data plan all the time. It’s going to depend on your location and how good of a Wi-fi Signal you have around you.


Here’s the key points you need to know about Wi-fI Assist:

1. If you’re on the verge of going over on your monthly data and don’t have strong Wi-Fi signals around you, you may want to leave Wi-Fi Assist off and it won’t eat up any data.

2. If you want a better internet connection on your device (all the time or at certain intervals) turn on this handy feature and surf away.

3. The key point is to keep an eye on the data you’re using to ensure you don’t have any surprises at the end of the month, whether they come from Wi-fi assist or not.


Another good tip is to visit your local GoWireless store (for GoWireless locations click here) and see what your current data plan allows. Verizon now has more simplified plans with extra data and you could be missing out on a free gig or two.

The knowledgeable wireless consultants there can get in your account and assess the situation in no time. Simply seeing what your average data use is and choosing the right plan for you is the best prevention for data overages.

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