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Get more done at home with these 4 apps

Get More Done at Home with these smart Apps

Figuring out how to get it all done and still have enough energy and time to enjoy your family can be a huge challenge. With work, home, family, an occasional hobby, and not to mention exercise or spending time with friends, we all know – Life gets busy! Finding time to get all your priorities done is not always an easy accomplishment. For most of us any time saving tips are greatly appreciated.

Here’s how to maximize your time at home with a few smart apps that can save a lot of work and mental energy when organizing your life and todo list.


Get More Done at Home AppsGoogle Now

1. Google Now and Siri

The first one is probably familiar but you may not be doing all you can with it. Google Now.

Google Now is a very powerful voice automated tool for looking up all kinds of information and performing various functions hands free on your phone.


Need to set a quick reminder, or kitchen timer to go off in fifteen minutes? Simple just say “Okay Google”, then ask it to set your reminder or alarm. Take notes, play music, check information, place calls, send messages, and much more all without having to touch your phone.


For Apple users the good news is Siri, with the iOS 9 update, has just been upgraded to carry out very similar functions to Google now. When plugged in your iPhone can now perform several hands free functions so you can get more done with less keystrokes and without stopping what you’re doing to handle your phone.


Get More Done at Home AppsChore Buster

2. Manage the chore list with Chore Buster.

Chore buster is an app that automatically generates a chore chart or schedule and takes care of notifying and managing who needs to do what. No more nagging, forgetting or spending time organizing and delegating tasks.


After setting up the app with your specific chores, difficulty, frequency, and chore doers, the app can randomly assign chores or populate the schedule so you don’t have to think about it. IS your teen spending too much time on their smartphone? Now they’ll at least be informed of what they need to get done and when.


Get More Done at Home Apps24me phonesstand

3. 24me

Ever wish you had a personal assistant to carry out the small tasks while you take the time you truly deserve to relax and enjoy life? Well, 24me is sorta close, offering a digital mobile assistant where you can keep your life organized with very minimal effort.


24me allows you to connect many components of your life social media, planning, messaging, note taking. utilities, service providers, financial institutions and it will automatically generate your todo list with notifications and suggestions for when things need to be done.


You essentially get someone helping you get all your todo’s in a row so you can spend less time thinking about organizing and more time crossing things off.



Get More Done at Home AppsTrello home-hero

4. Trello

Trello is perfect for the visual planner. It’s like Pinterest meets project management software.


Get things organized and planned in a very visual way. Post notes images, files and create the to do list, recipe or shopping list with the items that remind you of what needs to get done.

Easily add all kinds of content to a project and share with anyone to include them in the process.


The best part of having a to do list is getting to cross things off. It sure feels good to be done with one item and onto the next. Being more organized is the sure fore way to get more done with less effort. These are some of the most helpful apps we’ve found for accomplishing and organizing tasks so you can get more done.


With this list of time saving apps you should be able to think less about planning and more about doing. We hope relaxing is now closer within reach!


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