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Go SMS Pro today!!

Go SMS Pro is one of the most popular messaging apps available for Android phones and tablets. It comes with lots of features which will allow you to chat and send messages to your friends in a more convenient way. If you already own this app, the newer version has been released and is expected to come with more cool features. For more information, the following are some features, updates and improvements available on GO SMS Pro.

Like most other messaging applications, Go SMS provides a widget which will display your recent messages and allow you to cycle through them. It is a surprisingly lean widget, with a pretty low performance drain. Very handy if you don’t want to use Pop Ups but do want a quick way to read and reply to messages.


• Handy, build in contacts, Schedule SMS, Full SMS, MMS support, Doodle Handwriting

• Batch modes, private Box, Facebook chat support, Facebook contact photo support

• Many Transition effect, left/right slip, Support Gesture,

• SMS backup and restore

• Popup with privacy mode and quick reply

• Support chat or list style, fully customizable look, font changeable

• Sort messages by time or order of messages received/sent

• It supports many languages

• Quick text management, localization support for accented charts, online SMS lib

• Some new features for the newer version: add theme preview, improved user interface

• Some bug fixes for a more fun chatting experience


In the same plugins pane, you can download an extension which will let you develop your own custom wallpapers to be used in Go SMS. This is the sort of thing you need if you fancy a big customization session as fore mentioned! Go SMS is an SMS replacement offering a diverse range of features and customization. You can use it as an attractive replacement to your default SMS application.




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