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GoGreen on America Recycles Day

It’s been estimated that between 100 and 130 million cell phones go unused in America every year, either forgotten in storage or becoming e-waste. With today, November 15th, being America Recycles Day you can start recycling your unused cell phones with the GoWireless GoGreen program. Through our GoGreen program not only will you ensure that your unused cell phone is transported to the proper recycling facilities, you will also earn store credit in the process.

But don’t stop your recycling journey by just recycling unused cell phone. With today being America Recycles Day it is the best time to make recycling a continuous habit. If you don’t know where to start or want to make recycling something that becomes second nature here are three apps that can help you:

Aluminate (iOS) – Thinking about starting your recycling journey be recycling aluminum cans? This app lets you know how many aluminum cans you have recycled and how much money you can earn from recycling them.

RecycleBank (Android, iOS) – Simply register on the RecyclBank website or on the app and get points while making the world better when recycling. Once you accumulate enough points you’re able to exchange them for rewards from Target, Old Navy, Regal Entertainment Group, Omaha Steaks and more. Who said that recycling could be rewarding?

iRecycle (Android) – Figuring out what material is or isn’t a recyclable good is not always easy. That is where iRecycle makes it easier by helping to figure out what materials you should recycle.

Don’t look at America Recycles Day as the best time to recycle. Look at this day as a day to begin and continue recycling in order to make the world.

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