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Google Maps app comes to iOS

Last night, Google released its new Maps application for iPhone users. Following the release of the iPhone 5, customers were upset with the native apps experience that Apple was providing after their split with Google. Lacking a large amount of mapping data and incorrect directions, customers were forced to look for alternatives. With Google’s release of the Maps app they bring many features that blow away the current offerings on the platform.  Traffic, turn-by-turn navigation, transit directions, walking directions, satellite view, street view, indoor photos and Zagat restaurant reviews are all included within the app. Google has much more mapping data than Apple and this is definitely exciting for users. What may be more surprising about this launch is the app itself. Google has truly stepped up their design focus. Earlier this month, the Gmail 2.0 app was released to wide critical praise and with Maps receiving positive reviews already it looks as though Google is really trying to court these Apple customers with improved services. Whether or not, this will help convince iOS users to switch to Android remains to be seen, but the game is certainly heating up and at the end of the day this just means that the consumers win.

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