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Google Pixel 3 Tips & Tricks

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So you’ve decided to invest in the best smartphone camera money can buy, jumping ship from either Apple or Android to land in the powerful, user-friendly interface of the Google Pixel 3. While one of the leading smartphones on the market, the Google Pixel 3 hidden features may prove elusive to users unfamiliar with Google’s line of smartphones.

Never fear — the experts at GoWireless are here to help you navigate your new phone with helpful Pixel 3 tips and tricks. First familiarize yourself with the Pixel 3 camera and then learn even more about the possibilities of your new smartphone.

Super Res Zoom

The Super Res Zoom feature allows you to zoom in on subjects and retain high quality without a telephoto lens. When using the main camera tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right or bottom of the viewfinder. This opens the zoom slider, which you can slide left or right to zoom. You can also zoom in by touching the screen with two fingers and sliding them apart, or tapping the screen twice where you want to zoom in. A fourth method: head to MoreSettings while in the camera app, tap Gestures, and you’ll find an option to set the Volume key as a zoom control.


Hide the Notch

The design of the Google Pixel 3 XL includes a sizable notch up top — if you can do without it you can disable it with a little maneuvering. First, turn on developer settings by heading to SettingsSystemAbout and tapping on your build number multiple times. When developer settings are enabled navigate to SettingsSystemDeveloper Options. Scroll to Display cutout and set this option to Hide. Bye bye, notch!


Wider Selfies

Can’t fit everyone in? No problem. When using the front-facing camera you will see a slider at the bottom of the viewfinder. Slide this to increase and decrease the width of your selfie so no one’s feelings get hurt.


Flip to Shhh

This is a humorously-named feature that is also extremely convenient. The Flip to Shhh feature, when enabled, will put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode if you place your Pixel 3 face down on a table or other flat surface. It’s a quick, easy gesture to get some reprieve from your family group text or social media notifications. To turn it on navigate to SettingsDigital Wellbeing and toggle on Flip to Shhh.


Motion Autofocus

This feature helps you keep a moving subject in focus while taking photos or video, useful for energetic kids or pets. Tap once on a subject in the viewfinder of the camera app and the phone will track it to keep it in focus. If working correctly you will see a small circle around your subject in the viewfinder. To disable Motion Autofocus tap the small circle.


Squeeze for Assistant

When enabled this feature allows you to call your Google Assistant from any screen by squeezing the bottom portion of your Pixel 3, even if the phone is locked. Head to SettingsSystemGesturesActive Edge. At this screen you can toggle on Squeeze for your Assistant or Squeeze for silence, which silences alarms, notifications, and incoming calls. You can also adjust the Squeeze sensitivity to your desired preference.


Portrait Mode

Okay, owners of other smartphones are familiar with Portrait Mode. Portrait Mode on the Pixel 3 has some of the best capabilities imaginable, allowing you to adjust the blur of the background and foreground to create a stunning bokeh effect. To take photos in Portrait Mode swipe to the mode while in the camera app. After snapping a picture you can adjust the blur settings using the sliders.


Night Light

Blue light from our smartphone screens and computers make it harder to fall asleep. Luckily the Google Pixel 3 has a built-in Night Light mode which reduces the blue light emitting from your screen so you can drift off to sleep easier. Navigate to SettingsDisplayNight Light to toggle it on. You can also schedule the setting to automatically apply at certain times of the day when you are typically getting ready for bed.


Save Raw Images

Capture photos in JPEG and RAW formats if you are a professional photographer or simply someone who wants more control over the image editing process. Tap More in the camera app and then head to SettingsAdvanced. Toggle on RAW+JPEG control to save RAW images. Keep in mind that these images will take up way more space.


Screen Calls

This feature takes the original function of a smartphone to a new level. When a call from a random number comes in (or even someone you know) tap Screen call and Google Assistant will answer for you. The caller will hear a message that says “Hi, the person you’re calling is using a screening service from Google, and will get a copy of this conversation. Go ahead and say your name, and why you’re calling.” In real time you will be able to read what the caller is saying on your phone screen, and you can decide whether to take the call, send a quick reply, or report the call as spam.


There’s so much more to learn about your brand new device — read our smartphone guides to familiarize yourself with the full power of your Pixel 3. When learning the ins and outs of squeezing your Pixel 3 don’t forget to invest in GoWireless GRIP insurance to ensure your phone is fully covered. If you need any further assistance with your Google Pixel 3 or you want to buy one for yourself head to your local GoWireless location,.1-855-743-1150.