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News: Google Powering Up Mobile Search

When it comes to how we browse the web on our mobile devices has become more centered on apps. At the same time, finding things on these apps isn’t always ideal as you may have to dig into the hidden sections of the app. Google continues to recognize this by now allowing you to search for something on Google and the option to open or download the app relevant to your search query on Android devices.

In an blog post on the Official Android Blog Scott Huffman, the Vice President of Engineering, wrote “Starting today, Google can save you the digging for information in the dozens of apps you use every day, and get you right where you need to go in those apps with a single search. Google Search can make your life a little easier by fetching the answer you need for you — whether it’s on the web, or buried in an app.”

This new feature is only currently available for a handful of apps, including Wipedia, Newegg, Etsy, Allthecooks, Expedia, IMDb and Flixster. Google said it is working with app developers to expand the feature to include other apps into this new feature. You can read more on this new development on the Official Android Blog.