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GoWireless Holiday Buyer’s Guide – Beginner Smartphones

Getting your first smartphone can be a daunting task. Which OS do you choose? Physical Keyboard? Screen size? All of these are important decisions. Luckily for you, we have your back. On this edition of our Holiday Buyers Guide, we will pick the best options for an introductory smartphone for you!

iPhone 4s

Let’s get this out of the way early, the iPhone is a great first smartphone. Apple’s easy to use UI is a great way to ease into the smartphone world. Fully capable with any PC and with the largest App ecosystem, there is little negative to say about using this as a gateway to smartphones. The excellent 8mp camera is still regarded as one of the best in the market, and it consistently gets updates far after the initial purchase. However, the screen is rather small. At 3.5 inches it is the smallest screen on a smartphone that Verizon offers. Also, the apps, content, and accessories are all fairly pricey. Though this may be a good up front value, it can be one of the most expensive handsets long term.

Samsung Stratosphere 2

The original Samsung Stratosphere was a great intro smartphone, that sold well because of it’s nice 4 inch screen, great camera, and easy to use full QWERTY keyboard. With the arrival of the Samsung Stratosphere, the intro smartphone gets a huge upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This makes the phone move much more efficiently and allows for a better phone long term. Not enough can be said about the benefit of the full keyboard on your first smartphone. Text messages, emails and web browsing are all better with the ability to physically input your words on a keyboard. With the Google ecosystem you can get all the best apps available, most of which are free. With integrated Youtube and other Google services, you get the best of the web right on your phone.

Nokia Lumia 822

Office, Xbox, Bing, Internet Explorer, One Note, Skydrive are features that millions of people have been using for years and with Windows Phone, you get all of this built in. There are countless other features, but as an introductory phone you can’t do much better. As a first time smartphone user, it can be troubling to worry about data. With Data Sense, exclusive on Windows Phone, your data is automatically compressed so that you use less data. Also you can set limits, get breakdowns of your data usage, and set when your cellular data is used. With the Live Tile interface you can get all of your most important info right on the start screen. Find a recipe you like or a theatre you frequent? Pin it to the Start screen and you can see it any time. With a great Carl Zeiss camera, 4.3 inch screen , integrated Skype, and easy to learn interface this is an excellent option for your first smartphone!

Sure, it can be a daunting task to find that perfect first phone. When you visit a GoWireless store we make sure we fit you in the perfect phone for you. Once you decide on the phone we make sure you are Ready 2 Go with our full setup and transfer service. Come see what we can get you into today!

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