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GoWireless Holiday Buyer's Guide – Cutting Edge Smartphones

In the world of smartphones it can be tough to stay on the bleeding edge. With a two year contract it can be important for you to buy the latest device so that it stays relevant and updated throughout your agreement. If you are in the market for the latest in tech then you may have already made up your mind about your next phone, but read on to see what we think you could do to grab the latest and greatest.

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD

Long name, but this phone can be described in one word, powerhouse. First things first, if you are looking for a phone that you never have to fret charging no matter how much you throw at it, then stop reading and come to GoWireless because we found your new phone. With a large 4.7 inch Super AMOLED screen, this display is perfect for watching movies and playing games. It also can stand up to gaming. While running the newest Modern Combat, we were able to play with absolutely no hiccups from the phone. Extra setting like Smart Actions can let you use GPS to control things like alert sounds, playlists and other OS functions. The best part is that you can run all of this, all day long. With a 22 hour talk time battery life, you will never have to run around looking for a charger.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Sure the S3 may be the most dated of the three phones we chose for this guide, but the fact remains that the Galaxy S III is an amazing device. The proof is in Touch Wiz, the skin that Samsung uses on the phone. What used to be a cluttered mess, is now a polished refined interface that adds many useful and cool software tweaks. Things like S-Voice, which will use your voice to search for answers and locations, are great to add value down the road. One of the best features is the picture in picture mode. The fact that you can text and watch a video at the same time, creates true multitasking in a way that is not available on any other phone. With the S3 recently becoming the number one phone with over 30 million units sold, it is no surprise that the S3 is worth the hype, and it is still one of the best options on the market.


Just announced, this phone is a BEAST. The shining point has got to be the screen on this phone. The first 1080p display in the US with a 446 ppi density, there is no better screen. For anyone looking for media consumption, web browsing, or just a great looking phone, look no further than the Droid DNA. If the screen wasn’t enough, the build quality on this phone is in a class above. Thin, light and extremely powerful, there are few phones that can match this sheer feel of the future in your hands. No great thing is without a caveat, and the DNA definitely falls short in one area, battery life. This is not your all day phone. It’s a tradeoff that will have to be made to experience this great device, but with this beautiful screen, built in beats audio and powerful Droid OS, it seems worth it.

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