Home Phone Connect

Attention: These offers have expired.

There have been very, very few innovations in home phone service. That’s why, when one comes along it can be hard to be sure about making a switch. With Verizon Wireless’ new Home Phone Connect, you now have the ability to cut the land-line cord all together. Using the Home Phone Connect, you can transfer your existing landline number into our device. Then, just plug in the same home phone you have been using and start making calls. The best part is the price, $19.99 per month. Unlimited local and long distance calling is included as well as Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way calling, Call Forwarding and Voicemail. There are some restrictions and the best way to figure out how to qualify is to stop by your local GoWireless store and ask a rep about getting this set up.

Verizon Jetpack

There is nothing better on those long trips to see family during the holidays than having Wi-Fi with you everywhere you go. With the Verizon Jetpack you can add Wi-Fi to your car before the trip. Have private Wi-Fi everywhere you go on up to 10 devices. Now, with Share Everything plans, the Jetpack has gotten even better. For $20 a month, you can add this to your plan and use it to connect your new iPad, Surface, or Android tablet to the internet. With connection speeds on Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network reaching up to 25 Mb/s this is an excellent choice for internet on the go.

Home Fusion

Taking the Jetpack a step farther, the Home Fusion cantenna is the best way to get blazing fast internet wired through your home. With over 20 wireless connections and 2 wired connections, this brings 4G LTE straight into your home. With larger data options and a dedicated antenna for reception, this can be the perfect replacement to get completely wireless. The antenna reliance on 4G signal can be a hindrance for some users not in the covered area, but with over 400 markets available now and LTE coverage to be completed by the end of 2013, this is soon to be a great option for our rural customers.

No matter which you choose, you should always consult a Wireless Consultant at your local GoWireless store to make sure that you get the device that best suits you! From cell phones to home phones and the accessories for all of it. GoWireless is the ideal place to do your Verizon Wireless Holiday Shopping.

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