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GoWireless Reveals – What is Go90? Verizon’s New Video Streaming App

Verizon's Go90 App - Brace YourselfWhat is Go90? Let us explain.

Here’s a walk through Verizon’s new video streaming app.

Go90 is Verizon’s video streaming app designed for you to enjoy top video content right from your smartphone or tablet. Verizon has made it simple to watch, cut, and share your favorite shows and clips no matter where you’re at right on the mobile device you already use and love.


Check out how the Go90 app works and what to expect with the service.

What is Go90 Verizons video streaming app1

After signing up you’ll be able to pick from content categories that will populate your feed with suggested video content. Verizon is adding content daily and will be continuing to grow the network of content providers over the next year.

What is Go90 Verizons video streaming app2


What can you watch?

Catch shows like Love and Hip Hop, Mythbusters, Chopped, live music and sports, and other exclusive content made just for the Go90 network.

What is Go90 Verizons video streaming app4

Not only will the app offer video streaming content from major networks and web only producers you can also watch select TV shows such as NFL games and live concerts. Content is currently available from networks including

  • Comedy Central
  • MTV
  • TLC
  • Discovery and Animal Planet

And several web creators such as

  • AwesomenessTV
  • Vice
  • Tastemade
  • Machinima

What is Go90 Verizons video streaming app3


Social Sharing

If access to streamed content on your mobile device was good enough it gets even better.

Not only does the app allow you to watch content it also allows you to:

  • Easily cut and share your favorite clips to your followers, Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Create and join “Crews” who like similar content as you.
  • Follow content from your favorite celebrities and friends profiles.


With Go90 you get to enjoy your favorite shows and share what you love with friends around you, thanks Verizon!

What is Go90 Verizons video streaming app6


A sweet deal from Verizon!

To launch the Go90 service Verizon is giving away, at no cost, an extra 2GB of data per month for three months to qualifying consumer, business, employee and indirect agent lines who use the app.

There are a few limitations but it’s pretty simple to figure out if your eligible. Simply download the app on your mobile device and sign in with your email address. You will then receive a message acknowledging your promotional data upgrade.

What is Go90 Verizons video streaming app5

The promotional data is good for any app or service you use on your phone, it’s simply a way for Verizon to allow you to enjoy the service without having to worry about going over on data (although we do recommend you watch what you’re using each month!). When the promotion is up you will need to adjust your data limit if you are using more than your normal allowance or you will be charged overage fees.

To get some help with your data plan come in to any GoWireless Verizon Wireless Store near you and a mobile consultant will gladly check your account to make sure you are on the data plan that best fits your needs.


I’m in – Sign me up.

To sign up for Go90 visit and enter your email address. As the app is newly rolling out Verizon is it making available by request only. Once you receive the invitation email follow the link to download the app.


The Go90 app available from Verizon is a great way to stream top content right to your mobile device and to share your favorite clips with your social network. Stay up on all your favorite shows and let the world know what you’re watching all in one great app.