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Graffiti Radio – Make your listening experience an expression of you

Make your listening experience an expression of you.  Graffiti Radio is a third party app for streaming music from Pandora Radio which offers a clean and easy to use Metro interface and gives you everything you’d except from a Pandora app.




Listen to your Pandora stations

Shuffle Stations

Pin Stations

Search for Songs and Artists

Play song samples

View song lyrics

Create new stations based on songs or artists

Create/Remove station seeds

View station details, seeds, likes and dislikes

View song details and similar songs

View artist details and similar artists

View album songs

Fall asleep to your favorite music with an adjustable time sleeper

Filter explicit content

Move song to different station

Remove previous (dis)liked songs


Available on both Android and Windows, this app is relatively new for Window Phones.  It has an average Rating of 4.2.


“works great on the 920, windows 8 rules.”

“Crazy awesome. Loads fast on my Lumia 920.”



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