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High Risk Android Apps

High Risk Android Apps From Verizon Wireless

Smartphones are amazing. Paired with great apps they make our lives so much easier in so many ways. New apps are coming out all the time to help improve how we can perform menial tasks or find new ways to enjoy life.

We’ve grown to love them and I’m sure we all have apps that we can’t live without. In fact when our phones don’t act the way they are supposed to it can be completely frustrating.

If you’re careful and only use apps that come from reputable sources then you should be fine. But sometimes even with careful checking an app can cause some issues with your phone.

Thankfully Verizon has put together a running list of high risk Android apps known to cause issues. The problems these apps cause can range from:

  1. Loss of functionality (e.g., loss of data connection)
  2. Unexpected high data usage
  3. Battery draining 2 or 3 times faster than normal
  4. Security or privacy exposure

If you have had some unexplained phone performance issues, try checking this list to see if an app you have is on it. Removing it could be a great way to improve your phone performance real quick.

 Here’s Verizon’s list of High Risk Android Apps.