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Holiday Apps for Windows Phone


It’s great to see a company bring some truly great quality to a companion shopping app. With the Macy’s app for Windows Phone, you get so much in the FREE app. There is the standard “find a store” section, but they also include other great shopping options. Top ten lists for specific family members are just the start. They also let you create a shopping list that you can place things you find in the app on. If you ever shop at Macy’s and are looking for a great holiday shopping app, this is it. Find it here.

North Pole Photo Booth:

During the holiday season, we take tons of photos. Between family and friends, children and pets, we end up with a lot of great moments. With North Pole Photo Booth, you can add many different props to your holiday pictures. Make funny photo edits and send them to family and friends in great e-cards. The app will automatically suggest clothes and props or you can take the wheel yourself. Want to take the app for a spin? Its free now and you can find it here.

Tangled Webs – Holiday Edition:

Sometimes you need to take a break. A great game on your phone is an excellent way to do that. With the holiday version of Tangled Webs, you can spend hours untangling the holiday spiders. Sure, it may just be a theme to an already solid game but it is great to have some more challenges in the game and the Holiday change was done very well. I urge you to check it out and see for yourself! Download it here.

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