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Holiday Smartphone Tips Prepare Like a Pro

Holiday Smartphone Tips Verizon

Here are the best Holiday smartphone tips for preparing for the holidays with your smartphone. Get ready to impress the guests and entertain like a pro without breaking a sweat.

From secret Pinterest boards to loading up your phone with goodies to entertain in case your internet is not working, these holiday smartphone tips will give you more time to enjoy the holidays and less time running around.

Yep, it’s that time again, it’s the merriest time of the year. We certainly feel it here at GoWireless. We are just buzzing, getting everything in our Verizon stores ready for holiday shopping. Somehow our memories from this season always seem to glow with a warm, joyful hue, and we hope yours do too. Amidst all the joy, the extra excitement and activity can also be overwhelming.

Family, meals, gifts, shopping, distant relationships are coming closer; it’s a season that brings us together. This year we want you to be set up for a perfect season of hosting, celebrating, and gift giving with these Holiday smartphone tips.

Planning Ahead

Gift shopping, meal planning, weather, traffic, flights, delays. There’s a lot to think about during the holidays, so one of the best tips is to spend some time making lists of everything you need. Then you can streamline your outings and get multiple things done in one trip. It’s much easier to go shopping when you know exactly what you want and from where.

There are a few excellent shopping and list-making apps that can help. Evernote is a classic note taking and journaling app that allows you to keep all kinds of information handy right on your phone. If you are shopping for specific items, use the BuyVia app to search for the cheapest place to buy either online or from local retailers and even get notifications when there are price drops.

Managing your Data Plan

Getting ready for the holidays means more time using your phone for planning, cooking, getting around, and entertaining. It’s an excellent idea to get your data plan ready for all this extra usage.

Traditionally you had to make some calls to your Verizon rep or head online to make any changes, now with Verizon’s new app there are several options to get more data right from your phone. You can always get a Data Boost if you are in a pinch and need some extra data. Also, be sure to enable Safety Mode which prevents you from going over on your data but allows you to keep using data at a reduced bandwidth once your plan runs out.

The best bet if you know you will be using more data is to bump up your plan for a month or two as this will give you the most data for your dollars. One of our favorite tips is using secret Pinterest boards to plan out and gather your ideas for holiday gift giving. You can pin all kinds of items to buy and even gather together all sorts of great ideas for homemade gifts as well.

Shop in Style and Save

Your phone is going to be your #BFF this holiday season when you realize how much it can help you save on shopping. No more coupon clipping, with your phone coupons, come to you. You can use Coupon Sherpa to get coupons from leading stores, malls and retailers sorted either by location, favorites, brand or product category. If you love a particular set of stores, it’s a smart idea to download their apps. Most are setup to give you in-store alerts of coupons and deals.

If you are out shopping get the AroundMe app to easily find stores, restaurants, parking and ATMs to help you get your shopping done. While using your phone for couponing, save a step and get your mobile wallets setup either through Apple pay or Android pay. Now you can pay with the wave of your phone rather than digging through your purse or wallet for credit cards or cash. Just be sure to do it safely. If you need some security tips check out our full article on holiday smartphone shopping security.

Stay Powered Up

While you are out and about shopping, navigating, and making plans with the family your phone is a critical element ensuring all of that can happen. Make sure it’s powered up. We recommend carrying a portable battery to stay powered up.

Another handy trick is to have chargers where you need them. Many people think one is all you need, but when you are spending most of your time driving or in the kitchen having a charger in each of those places helps you top of when you need it staying powered up all day. There is nothing more stressful than having a dying phone when you need it most!!


Having music ready to go on your phone to play on your Bluetooth speakers is an easy way to play your latest favs without having to manage or buy music. Apps like Spotify let you stream tons of music. You can also download songs to your phone just in case you don’t have internet access or wifi available at an important event. Having the right music for the perfect moment, whether it’s dinner background or everyone’s favorite tune to sing along to, is easy with services like Spotify. It’s also handy to get a few games or audio books loaded onto your phone. Now if you need to kill some time waiting, no problem! Just be sure to do it ahead of time on your home wifi where you won’t use data.

There you have it the complete list of what to do to get your phone and data plan ready for the Holidays. Now that you’re all set for getting on top of your game have a very wonderful holiday season. Need any help with your mobile device? Or need a few accessories for making the home more lively? Stop into your nearest GoWireless Store and our reps will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy Holidays from GoWireless.