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How to Draw Cartoons Review: Basic and Nothing More

Platform: Windows Phone

Price: Free

It takes practice to get good at a craft. That’s where the “How to Draw Cartoons” app comes in. This new drawing tool for the Windows Phone provides the user with simple step by step guides in how to draw some of the world’s best known cartoon and video game characters.

The downside of this app is that it does not show you every way to draw the characters. While it will show you how to draw basic versions of cartoon characters such as Pikachu, Homer Simpson, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog it doesn’t do more than that.The figures that the app does show

As a free app it’s hard to knock it for this fact completely because what “How to Draw Cartoons” is doing is giving you the basic tools to get comfortable with drawing.

The Good

-Teaches you the basics in drawing iconic cartoon characters

-Instructions easy to grasp even when you don’t have pen and paper available

The Bad

-Limited number of cartoon characters

-Some figures look like crudely drawn versions of the characters

-Poses do not stand out as dynamic

Overall Impressions

“How to Draw Cartoons” won’t make you a master artist. What it will do is give you the foundation to understand how to draw basic cartoon figures on your own. Once you get comfortable enough you can move on to another more advance art teaching tool that will use the basic tools you learn from “How to Draw Cartoons.”

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