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How to initiate a 3-Way Call?

With 3-Way Calling you can have a conversation with two people at the same time on your mobile phone.

How to initiate a 3-Way Call?

  1. While you have the first caller on the line, dial the 10-digit number of the second person.
  2. Press the Call button, and the phone will automatically place the first person on hold.
  3. When the second person you called, while your initial call was in progress, answer and then press the call button again.  This will create a 3-Way Call.
  4. If the second person you called does not answer, simply hit the call button twice.  This will terminated the second call and will take you back to the first person you were talking to.
  5. To terminate both calls you would completely hang up.

Airtime charges apply for all calls while all parties remain on the line in accordance with your Calling Plan.

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