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How to Mind Your Social Media Manners

Social Media Manners

Do you mind your social media manners? In this post we are going to cover the guidelines for interacting in the ever-evolving digital age we live in and how to consciously interact with it.

Social media is a great place for building friendships and a community. But, interacting over this digital medium can be tricky. Without tone or body language to help, you have to be extra careful to make sure you’re sending the right message. Here’s a few quick tips to make sure you are posting correctly to Facebook or any other social media outlet and building friends instead of pushing them away.

Avoid Obnoxious status updates

When posting to Facebook what you want to do is share something valuable. Maybe that’s partly for you and partly for others. The key is posting something that isn’t all about yourself and that other people will actually find interesting.

One thing to avoid is posting about every single moment of your day. People don’t want an update about every activity that you’re doing. You’ll quickly drive people away. Before posting something, the question you need to ask is, “if this was someone else’s post, would I want to see it?”

Bottom line is that a Facebook status is annoying if it primarily serves the author and does nothing positive for anyone reading it. While posting, always keep in mind the Golden Rule of Social Media – Be considerate of others above yourself.

Like and Favorite with care

Just a few points here. First, be courteous and aware of what you’re “liking.” The things you like do show up on your friends’ news feeds, so make sure it’s content that others will appreciate also

Secondly, in case you weren’t aware, it is bad social media etiquette to like your own posts. It’s similar to someone who congratulates themselves and is always talking about how amazing they are. Let others talk about how cool you are and don’t hit that like button on your own post.

Tag your friends with consideration

Tagging friends in photos and comments is a great way to connect with them and include more people in what you’re sharing, but you don’t want to over tag your friends.

If you’re going to tag make sure that your friends would agree to be tagged. If you tag way too much, people will think you’re stalking and that’s creepy. Also think about what you’re tagging them in. Be sensitive to the fact that they may not want public association with the picture you tagged them in. Especially for females who may think the picture makes them look unattractive.

Be courteous and think about the implications of tagging before doing so.

Upload a good profile picture of yourself

This is a small photo that makes a big impact.

Your profile picture tells a lot about you. It’s people’s first impression of you and what they’ll see everytime you make a post. If you don’t do something creative for this picture at least get a decent photo that is not blurry. A blurry, low-resolution photo just looks lazy. People will see this a lot so make sure it’s not annoying.

This is one area where you want to put your best foot forward.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags..seriously

Hashtags are a great way to interact with specific topics. We highly encourage using them to put your voice into the social conversation.

What we don’t encourage is overusing hashtags or using them to butt into a conversation that your message has no relevancy in. Here’s what to do: keep them simple, use correct spelling, and make sure that what you’re posting actually relates to the hashtag topic. Now that you’re all set with using hashtags, go #JoinIn.

Don’t be too quick to react

If you see a post, or a friend makes a comment that really strikes you the wrong way, don’t immediately respond. There is a balance between waiting too long and responding too soon, but after that initial shock of seeing something, it’s best to wait. Let your emotions play out a little bit and see if your feelings change. Sometimes we take a comment the wrong way. Firing back a heated response right away is a sure way to create more drama and make the situation worse.

Take a little time to react. Think it through. Consider multiple sides of the story. Then you can respond in a sincere manner that you know you can stand behind and aren’t unnecessarily adding more damage to the situation.

Politics and religion rant…don’t do it

These two subjects can create a lot of drama. People can easily get into heated debates about these topics. No matter what your beliefs or what side you’re on, someone else is on the other side. Bringing up your beliefs the wrong way is an invitation to start a war. Most other people don’t really want to read about your political or religious rants. Over-posting your opinion breaks rule number one and isn’t going to foster good social media communication or community building.

Be considerate

Again, we’ll revisit the whole point of using social media and the number one rule to engaging effectively on it.

Be considerate of others.

Think about and put others first instead of yourself and you’ll be successful with social media and will avoid turning people away. Being considerate of others will ensure that your social media channel is the type of place that attracts people and builds them up.  Good job, go get’em!

Bonus: We don’t need to know what you eat….Every meal…..Every day

Yeah, we all love food. And occasionally it’s fun to share something new and exciting we’ve discovered, but posting too often about food or a new diet has the wrong focus to be helpful or exciting to others.

Keep in mind the golden rule of social media and make sure your every-once-in-a-while food posts have some kind of interest for others.

Okay, there you have it. Social Media prep school is adjourned. You can now go build successful, friendly communities and achieve more of your social media goals. If this was new to you, try putting one or two of these into effect today  and come back again, taking baby steps to becoming a more conscientious social media user. If you need to refer back to this, no problem, we aren’t going anywhere.