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How to Spring Clean your Device

How to Spring Clean your Device

The season has changed and it’s about time the state of your device has too. The best way to refresh your tech life is to spring clean your gadget. Here are some tips to make your device spic and span, literally and virtually.

Update to new OS or settings, if available. Do this to make sure that your device has the most recent patches, bug fixes and other improvements to make it run better.

Change passwords and passcodes. Regular changes to device passcodes and online passwords protect you from identity theft — may it be from losing your smartphone or from the latest hacker attacks on websites you frequent.

Empty your spam/junk/trash folder, unsubscribe from useless mailing lists and organize your mailbox. Deleting unwanted mail and removing yourself from a mailing list that sends you plenty can make your inbox easier to manage and less stressful to check. Having folders for specific emails can also help you save time when looking for those very important electronic missives.

Uninstalling unused and forgotten apps. According to Statista, an average smartphone user has 26 apps in his smartphone. If you have more than that, it might be time to rethink the apps you have in your device.

Back up your media library and delete old photos, videos and music from the device. Free up valuable memory space by deleting files you no longer need in your device. Make sure you have backed up your files in your computer or cloud drive before permanently deleting them.

Set up a cloud service. Stop carrying around thumb drives or emailing yourself large files and sign up to a cloud service. Not only will you have all your digital documents on demand but you won’t have to worry about losing them when you misplace your USB drive or accidentally delete an important email.

Clean up your social media account. You’ll feel so much better (and happier) if you start removing people you don’t like, know or talk to from your social network. Be honest. You don’t need to read updates about your yoga instructor’s wife’s vegan meals or your former friend’s humble brags about how her Ferrari gets her pulled over all the time.

Organize your folders.  Folders keep things tidy on your home screen. Save time and easily locate apps by putting them in designated folders conveniently named by use or function.

Change your wallpaper. Sometimes overlooked, something as simple as changing your device’s wallpaper can be as refreshing as getting a trim. It’s not so obvious but it makes you feel good.

Wipe down your gadget. You probably handle your device almost all the time. Keep you gadget smudge-free by using the right cleaning products like WhooshPhoneSoap and ZAGGwipes.

Organize your data/charging cables. Stop losing and destroying your device’s life lines and make it a habit to roll them up and store them properly. You can use products like CableHub and Nite Ize Gear Tie.

Replace old screen protector and case. Your existing screen protector and device case might be worn out by now. Replacing them will make your device look and feel new and will give your gadget renewed defense from scratches and dings.