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How Would Cell Phone Radiation Look?

We’ve reached a point that cell phones have entered just about every part of our daily lives. Whether it’s taking a call, sending messages, checking social media, taking pictures or surfing the Internet using a cell phone is a common thing to do. With cell phones getting used so often have you ever wondered what cell phone radiation looked like?

While this may not be a question that you may think about but it is something that artist Nickolay Lamm has tried to answer. Previously, Lamm created a series of illustrations imagining a Washington, D.C. where Wi-Fi is visible as translucent rainbow waves. Now Lamm along with Danilo Erricolo and Fran Harackiewicz have done the same type of illustration, this time imagining how cell phone radiation would look like in several US cities. Below you can see a few of the images that Lamm and his team were able to create:

A look at Chicago with a hexagonal grid of cellular base-station sites covering the city.

Illustration showcasing how cellular base stations on top of buildings in the New York skyline provide most of the coverage for the city.

Illustration showing how a long-distance cell tower radiates over the Hollywood Hills.

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Source: MyVoucherCodes