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HTC Droid DNA Review

With so many Android phones coming out every year, it can become hard to decide on the pinnacle experience. Samsung, Motorola and LG have all released their flagship devices for the holiday season and now HTC has its turn to wine and dine potential users. It has been a tough year for HTC with Samsung cementing its number one position in mobile and Motorola capturing a large amount of consumers with the RAZR line. With the release of the Droid DNA on Verizon Wireless, HTC is fighting back hard and has taken some risks to provide what it feels is the best available option for Android. So, did they succeed? Does the Droid DNA blow the competition away? Read below the break to find out!!!




Make no mistake about it. The Droid DNA has the best hardware design in Android. As soon as you pick up this phone, you notice the build quality in the hardware. Solid construction in this uni-body design allows for a much higher class feel than something like the plastic construction of the Galaxy S III. Soft to the touch, the phone never felt like it would fall out of my hand or get away from me. With the size of this phone that is a good thing. Any time you get in that 4.8 inch screen or higher range, it can become more of a conscious effort to hold on to devices. The DNA is incredibly thin. At its thickest point it measures .38 inches but as it tapers to the side it gets to a svelte .16 inch body. Long story short this phone feels great in the hand. The true hero of this device is not the body or the camera or really anything aside from the screen. HTC has a history of innovating on displays. The Rezound which came out last year was the best display on Verizon for quite a while. With the DNA, HTC does it again. 1080p on a phone sounds a bit excessive, but when you see this phone in action it is incredible. Absolutely no pixels are visible on this display and video has never looked this good in mobile. Viewing angles are excellent so sharing a YouTube video with your friends is a much better experience. Though the 1080p display may seem like overkill on a mobile phone, HTC pulls it off and makes it the best screen in the business right now. Other highlights of the hardware include HTC’s great BSI camera which comes with a dedicated processor to handle images which greatly increases quality of shots. Also, as usual, HTC has included its Beats Audio tweaks in the phone, allowing for music that sounds amazing. While not all users are huge fans of the product, I think it adds punch to otherwise lackluster smartphone audio and makes it stick out as a true contender for music lovers. All of this comes at the cost of battery life. The DNA continues the HTC Android tradition of poor battery life. The only real problem with this is a lack of an extended battery option at this time. HTC would do well to follow in Motorola’s footsteps and create a MAXX version with extended battery.


Where the hardware excels, the software falls short. This is generally a matter of opinion. Some users love Sense (HTC’s Android Interface) but it feels so unnecessary at this point. Android is such a great OS now, fluid and quick, the last thing it needs is to be covered up. In this current generation of Android phones Motorola has scaled back their skins and Samsung has done an excellent job of making Android its own. The DNA’s software just feels dated. Using the same design elements they have used for three years now, HTC manages to make this gorgeous phone feel quite clunky. It’s not all bad, mind you. The camera tweaks that HTC has made to the DNA stick out as great tools for image creation and editing and the equalizing options for Beats are good and add depth to this feature. At the end of the day this phone could have been the flagship to showcase a new version of Sense, which follows closely with the stock Android feel and it would have wowed users on this gorgeous screen. Instead it’s more of the same.

Without question, the HTC DNA is some of the best hardware that has ever been used on an Android phone. With steep design competition coming from Apple and Nokia, it’s nice to see HTC starting to take some real pride in the look and feel of its phones. If they could just get their software team on the same page, we would be looking at the best phone on the market since the Galaxy S III. Instead we have a gorgeous, clunky phone. Media lovers, gamers and business men should definitely take a look at this phone when you visit GoWireless. For the all-day user, the heavy email user and the picky guy with a thing against HTC Sense this may not be the phone for you!

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