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Infinity Blade available on iOS, FREE until Feb. 21

Arguably one of the best mobile games ever developed for a smartphone, Infinity Blade took the App Store by storm a few years ago. It set the precedence that customers would pay $5+ for a quality game for their smartphone. Though it has been a few years since it’s launch, Infinity Blade remains on many top ten app lists to this day.

The game takes you through many scenic areas as you encounter boss after boss that you must defeat. The game takes on a third-person perspective and as you fight the enemy, you use your fingers to slash, dodge, block and parry against your foe. Simple to pick up, but one of the hardest games to master. Luckily for you, you can pick the game up right now and see for yourself. Until February 21st this epic title is going for free in the App Store. With Infinity Blade 2 out now, this is an excellent way to catch up on the story and see what the game is all about before you invest any money into Infinity Blade 2.

Find the app here