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Introducing StarStar Me!

Effective January 17th, StarStar Me is an add-on mobile service that is available for Verizon mobile customers.  Available on Android devices 2.3 or higher and iPhone Smartphones, this service allows customers to use his or her name or nickname when available as his number.  The user can call another person by entering * * and then use unique a word or phrases.


The main highlights of StarStar Me includes:

A single vanity alias for mobile communication, Voice services, Messaging integration, Social Media and location, groups, and contact management.

Monthly subscription billed to customer’s bill ($3.00 per month).

Numbers must include ** and then a maximum of nine additional alphanumeric characters.

The StarStar number does not replace the existing mobile number.  Any calls to the StarStar number are routed to the existing mobile phone.

StarStar Me number cannot be ported from one carrier to another.

For customers that call a ** number, normal airtime charges and standard message and data rates for text and web browsing apply.


To signup for StarStar Me! go to


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