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iOS 6 Enhancements

With the buzz surrounding the release of the latest iPhone™ 5, our very own Dawnielle Sampson has decided to review the latest updates to the iOS 6 software by Apple.  Below is a breakdown of featured changes.

  • iOS 6 includes an updated look to the smart phone’s keypad.  The look has changed from a black background to a lighter grey.   You can also set your phone to Do Not Disturb, while allowing calls only from those individuals listed in your favorites.
  • The email options now include a VIP inbox, where you can select individuals from your contacts and anytime you receive an email from that individual it goes straight to the VIP inbox.
  • The camera setting now has icons to touch instead of the item names (i.e. Facebook has the actual Facebook app icon to touch).   It also features a couple new icons.  The first being the Photo Stream icon,  which is new.  It allows you to choose who you would like to give the availability of viewing your photos via iCloud.  The other new icon Copy is added to allow photos to be copied with the touch of the icon.
  • For Maps, the consumer now has a device with Voice Navigation.  This was a key item missing from the previous iOS 5 software.
  • Siri has been enhanced to include the ability to find out sports stats, search for Restaurants, and Movies.  Siri has also been updated to include the capability to open your apps.  You can now use Siri to post to Facebook and tweet.
  • A new feature is the Passbook.  This gives you a place to save Boarding passes for flights, tickets for movies or events, your customer or loyalty cards, and coupons.

  • The new phone options for ignoring a call are really nice.  It gives you the option of sending straight to voice-mail or choosing between a couple canned responses or you can send a custom response.

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