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Keeping your finger on the Pulse

Saving time.  It’s that illusive beast that prompts many of us to get that shiny new smart phone in the first place.  The illusion of being able to shave off mere seconds of time with each daily task is a powerful one that can truly drive you crazy trying to attain it.  Digging through the 600,000+ apps in the store can add to the frustration while you try to find that perfect fit of form and function, and every now and then you will find that hidden jewel that changes your day to day use entirely.  Keeping up with daily events for the average smart phone user can involve pulling up three or four apps from different sources searching for the last word on events from the day. Well, Alphonso Labs has come along and done all the work for you!

Pulse News is a fantastic news reader app that fulfills the need for information while also helping you save time by crossing over into multiple apps for you.  With a broad range of categories such as social, news, political and technology, Pulse will collect all of these feeds and place them into one very clean and easy to use package.  Want to see the latest news from your college football team while also checking out the latest Groupon deals in your area?  Done. With new feeds being added every week, Pulse is the most comprehensive feed reader available.  For those data conscious consumers, you can also keep copies of stories and feeds to view later without having to use data to reload them.

It can be tough to find the one app to rule them all, but with so much information available in one application, Pulse definitely finds itself in the running for that title. Hey, don’t take our word for it though, try it out for yourself!  Pulse is available for FREE in both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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This post is an original post written by Jake Calland, Store Manager of the Forest Graves Mill Center Mall location in Forest, Virginia.