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Mobile-Chip maker Qualcomm launches “Born Mobile” Campaign

The Mobile-chip maker Qualcomm relaunched its brand with its “Born Mobile” campaign at CES.  Apart of this marketing effort was the introduction of the company’s newest microprocessor, Snapdragon 800 which is supposed to be 75% more powerful that its predecessor.


Do consumers care much about this?


Qualcomm served more than 11 billion chip sets on mobile devices worldwide which are used to run iOS, Android and Windows based models.  Apple, Google and Microsoft receive much of the credit for providing platforms that foster mobile innovation, but Qualcomm quietly has been a support partner.  Per CES 2013, John McDermott of states “A Once Anonymous Chip-Maker Grabs the Spotlight at Trade Show.”  Qualcomm slowly is attempting to transition from a chip-maker to mobile innovator by getting more and more into the mobile app industry.  However, Qualcomm is still more valuable to equipment manufacturers than to the end user playing with Apps.


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