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Mobile vs. PC: And the Winner Is…….

With the growth in the mobile industry in 2013 Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt gave his own perspective on smartphones. In a rare interview, Schmidt proclaims “The trend has been that mobile was winning, it’s now won.” This is while he talks about how the consumer has been going towards purchasing more tablets and phones than PCs. This is not all that surprising for him to say as Google has been strengthening their Android platform.

What was surprising about this interview is Schmidt’s candid statement about Google and social media. “The biggest mistake that I made was not anticipating the rise of the social networking phenomenon…..Not a mistake we’ll make again” says Schmidt. With this statement and everything else said during this interview it’s interesting to note that Google isn’t just focused on a single Google product but a host of them. It makes things interesting for the mobile space as Google’s apps are ranked among the top downloaded products, as you can read here.

Schmidt also talks about genetics and smartphones affect in business. All in all, it looks like Schmidt sees mobile as a platform not to overlook.

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