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Mobile World Congress 2014: HTC Wins Best Smartphone Award

During the 2014 Mobile World Congress the GSM Association organized the Global Mobile Awards, the 19th edition this year. There were over 175 independent analysts, journalists, academics and other experts brought together to act as the judging panel for the Global Mobile Awards. When announcing the winners of the award the HTC One was named the Best Smartphone of the past year. The HTC One beat out its rivals to win the award, breaking Samsung’s two-year winning streak in the process.In speaking about HTC One’s award, the GSM Association said:

“The HTC One remained one of the most advanced smartphones throughout 2013. Its great design and excellent user interface continue to provide a differentiated user experience, standing out from the competition.”

This news comes after HTC sent out invitations for an event that they will be holding on March 25th, where it is rumored that they will be announcing the successor to its HTC One.

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Sources: Android Central and CNET