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Must Have Free Apps for Your New iPad and Android Tablet

With the holidays upon us many people will be either giving or receiving new tablet devices as presents. With your new tablet you’ll want something killer apps to download. While there are the obvious apps such as Netflix and YouTube to download there are many great free apps that should be on your brand new tablet as well. Hit the jump to find out what 10 free apps you should have on your new iPad and Android.

1) Snapseed (Android, iPad)

When Snapseed was released for the iPhones and Android phones it was a pay to download app but now Snapseed is available to download for free for tablet devices. Snapseed easily lets you edit your photos by using auto correct, selective adjustment, filters, effects and other editing features. Once you’re done editing you can compare the edited picture with the original to see the results of your work. In addition, you can share your pictures through Google+, email, and any other service you have installed.

2) Paper (iPad)

Paper is a portable sketch pad that is free on the iPad. This app gives you enough tools to create some imaginative drawings. And if you’re willing to throw a few bucks at in-app purchases you a full suite of new premium tools will open up to you that include different types of pens and brushes and a color wheel.

3) Pulse (Android, iPad)

Pulse acts as an RSS reader that will gather all the news from your favorite websites. The app has a navigation menu that makes it easy to go through all the news stories in your feed. You’re also able to add and remove feeds in order to customize your selection. Swiping horizontally shows you more news from the same sites, while swiping vertically will allow you to change sites. This quick and simple navigation makes Pulse the stand out RSS reader to download on iPads and Android tablets.

4) Parsec (iPad)

Is a straight forward Galega-inspired game but instead of destroying spaceships you are destroying shapes of different colors and sizes. As you progress further into the level the game gets more intense and your finger reaction time will be truly tested. Is your finger up for the challenge?

5) Wikipanion (iPad)

We’ve entered an age where apps are increasingly becoming the way to navigate our favorite websites on the iPad. That is exactly the case with Wikipanion. All of the features you’ve grown to love on Wikipedia is made even better with Wikipanion’s focus on optimizing the capabilities of the iPad. Don’t get me wrong, the Wikipedia website works just fine on Safari for iPad, but the Wikipanion apps make navigating the site simpler and faster.

6) TuneIn Radio (Android, iPad)

TuneIn Radio lets you listen to the world’s radio with sports, news, talk shows and music streaming from every continent. There are over 100,000 live radio stations that you are able to access with over 2 million podcasts, concerts and shows to view and listen to.

7) Evernote (Android, iPad)

Evernote is a free online service that allows you to store your text documents, images and web clips, which can be accessed from multiple devices. While the app is cross platform to get it is the best to use it on iPads and Android tablets with its larger screen.  The navigation is just so much easier, which enables you to see and navigate your stored snippets more easily.

8) Tiny Tower (Android, iPad)

In the world of free-to-play games Tiny Tower is able to do the best job in being a time management game. In this game you are controlled of your own world in the form of a tower that you build up. From living quarters to working areas each level can be stacked on top one another to optimize your peoples, or Bitizens as they are called in the game, lives. As you begin to build up a nice citizen base you will see that each Bitizen have their own dream jobs that they are better in than those you originally assigned to work those jobs. Finding the best way to optimize your Bitizens time then becomes a game within itself. So in its own way Tiny Tower is a charming, enjoyable title that will eat many tiny moments out of your day.

9) Pinball Arcade Free (Android, iPad)

While Zen Pinball has done a great job creating new animated tables there is just something special about playing old school pinball tables you could find in an arcade. That is exactly what Pinball Arcade captures with its pinball simulation. The gameplay and aesthetic of Pinball Arcade does a wonderful job re-creating old school tables in digital form. From this you can see that this game is made by true pinball fanatics. And if you enjoy your experience with the free version you can download the $0.99 version which gives you access to a monthly rotating free pinball table or buy individual tables from different price ranges.

10) Feedly (Android, iPad)

Feedly gives you all of your favorite news sites, rss feeds, tumblr blogs and youtube channels all in one app. So instead of browsing different websites in order to hunt down the content you’re looking for all you need is you’re Feedly account.

These are 10 free iPad and Android tablet apps that we recommend downloading. What iPad and Android tablet apps do you love? Let us know by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.