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Say Hello to The New Android Nougat


Say hello to the new Android Nougat

Android Nougat 7.0; the 7th version of Google’s candy-christened Operating System. Unwrapped on the 22nd of August, select Android phones have already begun tasting the update’s bounty of new features tailored toward the user experience.

The most apparent changes in the UI is the presence of a few overhauled menus. For example, the new quick control settings; instead of browsing through menus to switch on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even a flashlight, a quick swipe down will summon a menu that will enable you to toggle these settings. Notification stacking has been refined as well. What used to be a long list of notifications from texts, social media, email, and updates, are now a cleaner and more space-efficient menu.

Multitasking has always been an edge for Android smartphones. Nougat brings native split-screen capabilities allowing two apps to run simultaneously side-by-side, a popular feature found in Samsung’s Note series. Tired of spending a few seconds opening up your messenger after you receive a text message? Now you can quick reply via notifications without having to launch the app.

Emoji have evolved since their debut in the late 90s and Android has just added even more to their Unicode. 72 to be exact. What better way to express yourself through ideograms. A few emoji have been revamped to become more gender-specific, unlike the previous gender-neutral appearances they were in earlier versions of the Unicode. Skin tone modification is also supported to add uniqueness to your smileys.

Not all smartphones have smart batteries, but with the new and improved Doze feature, your battery life will have a little boost thanks to its energy management and battery optimization. Doze limits power usage from your running apps while you’re on the go and while your phone is inactive. On top of that feature, Nougat also incorporates a feature to shut down all running applications. A convenient method of further reducing battery consumption and to alleviate CPU strain from multiple background apps.

For users with limited cellular data plans, Nougat’s Data Saver can now control data consumption in both foreground and background apps. Simply enter your carrier’s billing cycle and allocated data cap and Data Saver will manage the rest. It intelligently meters and limits the data apps use, preventing data overages on your next phone bill.

Google has revamped its security measures to defend the system integrity of the Android Nougat, most especially against unwanted malware that may compromise your device. One of its protocols is to prevent boot up should unwanted malware be present in the system, thus protecting your vital data.

The Nougat is designed for speed, innovation, efficiency, and security. This operating system is a sure winner to all Android users around the world.

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