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New Phone Preview – Samsung ATIV-Odyssey

We have seen Nokia and HTC come out with their first Windows Phone offerings and it was only a matter of time before Samsung jumped into the fray. Though not a flagship device, the ATIV-Odyssey is an excellent mid-range smartphone that comes preloaded with a lot of value right out of the box.

The specs on this device are excellent for a Windows Phone.  A 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor runs the show behind the scenes with a 4 inch screen topping it all off.  While we have not been able to test the device yet, battery life should be fairly decent with a 2200mAh battery keeping things chugging along. The only caveat we can see to this spec list is the 8GB of built in storage. Of course there is an SD card slot for music and videos, but it is something to keep in mind when looking at how many apps you may want long term.  Also keep in mind you will have 7GB of SkyDrive storage available for pictures, documents, videos, and music as well.

We will have a full review up for you soon enough, but in the meantime swing by your local GoWireless store for more details on this and other great phones that we offer.

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