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The New Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s brand new Note 7 has just landed, and its array of features may just crown this as the top mobile device of the year. 

It’s not only aesthetic but also symmetrically refined. The Note 7 is almost similar in size to its predecessor, the Note 5, however, it is slightly narrower to make it easier on the thumb for those hard-to-reach icons when held by your palm. Not too tall, and not too wide. It’s a phone and a tablet. Or what a techie would refer to as a “phablet.”

Samsung has also implemented a new security feature by adding the option to scan your eyes to unlock your device. Basically, it takes a selfie of your eyes. Whoever thought it would go as far as not only unlocking your phone through PINs, passwords, patterns, and fingertips but from your peepers as well.

The heart of the Note 7 lies in its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor; snappy and smooth, making its user interface and launching apps a breeze. It ships with 64 gigs of internal memory and features an expandable memory slot for removable micro SD cards to further increase the storage capacity to provide more space for apps, videos, and selfies. The Note 7 is also waterproof, at least to a depth of 6 feet for 30 minutes. Whether you accidentally submerge it into a bowl, cup, puddle, or toilet, the Note 7 can withstand the subaquatic conditions. Now you can take your phone to the pool or into the shower with confidence.

For heavy mobile users, battery life is paramount for every day, on-the-go usage. The Note 7 sports enough juice to power itself for about 10 hours of constant use. Pair that with its new quick-charging USB-C port and gone are the woes of long charging waits we all had with earlier phones.

The camera on the Samsung’s current mobile lineup remains at the top of the market. The Note 7 is able to focus quickly and snap sharp, detailed photos with vibrant and accurate colors. Even photographers will find it pleasing to have full manual controls integrated into the camera app. Not quite a replacement for a DSLR, but the outstanding features will suffice when it comes to capturing moments, selfies, and the ever-popular food shots.

What makes the Note series truly shine is the S-Pen peripheral. The Note 7 now features a sleeker S-Pen with double the pressure sensitivity of the Note 5. You can write and normally draw with light strokes and if you need to switch to a bold font, apply a little more pressure. The tip has been shaved down to a 0.7mm nib for a more precise feel of a ballpoint pen, which makes scribbling and doodling much more natural. Quite an appeal for artists and everyday users. On top of that, you can make quick annotations on images, translate texts, and create animated GIFs from videos. The S-Pen is truly mightier than the sword, or fingertip for that matter.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is truly a great phone that combines style, functionality, and security. You can purchase yours now at a GoWireless store near you.