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6 Ways Tablets Are Better Than Laptops

Whether you choose to use tablets vs. laptops is a personal choice, depending on what you plan to use your device for, where you intend to use it, and how…

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Photo of hand holding remote with TV - Streaming With Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

How to Stream For Free With Unlimited Data Plans

Streaming services are rapidly becoming the way most people consume entertainment. Why be limited to a cable package when you can stream the latest shows and music right to your…

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photo - Educational Tablet Apps For Kids

Top Educational Tablet Apps for Kids

Kids love tablets and smartphones, especially when they’re bored. And while we don’t advocate using a tablet as a constant distraction for kids, we’re more than willing to admit a…

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Tips For Keeping Your Phone From Breaking

Your phone is worth much more than its retail cost. Its value has to be measured by what’s inside it: contacts, appointments, music, videos, and pictures. Phones may contain important…

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Keep Your Phone From Overheating This Summer

Safeguarding Your Phone with Mobile Protection Plans

Smartphones are compact miracles of technology. Over the last decade, they’ve grown in popularity to become indispensable parts of daily life. Leaving home without your phone is as unthinkable as…

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How Smartphones Can Help With New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, we come together as a nation to engage in a communal event: the making and breaking of New Year’s resolutions. We all start the New Year strong: This…

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Tips for How to Switch from iPhone to Android

People who are switching from iPhone to Android do so for many different reasons: pricing, access to Google’s many services, personal preferences – everyone has their own reasons (just as…

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Android Tips for Beginners

Replacing your iPhone with an Android can be intimidating. You’re used to Apple’s software, after all, and now you find yourself dealing with an entirely new interface. If you’re in…

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Buying Your Child’s First Phone

Buying your child’s first phone has become a rite of passage for today’s parents. It’s a little like that first day of school: you’re worried about what could go wrong….

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The Evolution of iPhones

The history of iPhones is one of the great tech success stories. Were it not for Steve Jobs and the first humble iPhone, the smartphone industry simply wouldn’t be the…

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